The Peer CoachHi, I’m Gemma. Thanks for visiting my site. People often ask about my journey, how I found Cognitive Hypnotherapy and how it helped me. So, here’s my story.

My introduction to Cognitive Hypnotherapy came at a time when I felt completely stuck. I was in a good job but I just didn’t feel fulfilled. I’d lost my drive and there was no longer any sense of joy or satisfaction in what I was doing. On paper, I should have been happy with my lot, and that made me feel guilty, but I knew I couldn’t go on pretending to be satisfied with the direction I was allowing my life to go in. I started to dislike who I was becoming, and I don’t think I was alone in that!

It was after a couple of sessions with my Cognitive Hypnotherapist that I felt a huge sense of relief when I realised why I wasn’t happy. We explored what truly made me tick. I learned that my character strengths are creativity, emotional intelligence and a love of learning. Yet none of these drivers were being fueled by my job. I’d also not fed these in my social life either, so it was no wonder I felt flat. Alongside this coaching, Cognitive Hypnotherapy helped me to overcome my growing fear of failure. Like so many do, I lived in protection mode and stayed doing the same thing that made me unhappy because that felt safer than taking a risk. We got to the bottom of this limiting belief and after a few sessions I was able to let it go.

For the first time in my life I was investing in my mental well-being as much as I was my physical well-being. So, what difference did it make? Well, I took a leap and changed jobs to an entirely new industry in which I could let my creativity run free. I trained as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist and now daily fuel my character strengths. I no longer let fear hold me back from living life or achieving my goals. It’s been quite a journey and that old me feels like a long-lost relative now. I’m finally living in growth rather than protection, and I love nothing more than working with clients to help them do the same.

Quest Institute TrainedMy training in Cognitive Hypnotherapy was with the internationally renowned Quest Institute in London, where I was trained by the founder of this model of therapy. I hold a Diploma in Cognitive Hypnotherapy and am a Master NLP practitioner. I am a full member of the Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy Practitioners’ Association (QCHPA) and registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC). I am also a voluntary member of the QCHPA board, supporting other Cognitive Hypnotherapists as they build their practices.

So that’s my journey, and it would be a pleasure to be a part of yours.