There is a fabulously simple technique we use as Cognitive Hypnotherapists called anchoring. In NLP, “anchoring” is the process of associating an emotional response with a trigger, so that when applied the response can be quickly and subtly reaccessed.

This is a technique widely used by sportsmen, performers and hypnotherapy clients alike. It’s a really simple yet effective way of getting yourself into the right mindset and mode to excel at the task ahead. Often it helps you to elicit the useful feelings you felt in a positive past event, to get you “in the zone”.

If you ever take the second carriage of the due south northern line tube from East Finchley at about 8.04am on a weekday, you’ll probably see a lady with a pink handbag doing her make-up. That lady is me, and I have no qualms about doing my makeup in public. It’s an effective use of otherwise downtime, and means I have more time at home for answering client emails and having my morning coffee.

From East Finchley to Euston you’ll therefore see my face go from ‘pale and slightly scary zombie’ to ‘alert and ready to face the world therapist and marketeer’. This means approximately 220 people a week may see my makeup-free or part finished face, and yet this doesn’t bother me in the slightest. And it’s not because I don’t know any of these people. I have bumped into past colleagues, old school friends, even ex boyfriends on this journey before now. So, if it’s not to look good for people I do and don’t know, why do I bother with makeup at all?

It’s because makeup is my anchor. It’s like putting on my suit of armour.

With my brows done I’m ready to face whatever the world throws my way. It helps me feel confident, prepared and somehow more resilient. It enables me to challenge people, and myself. It is a signal to myself that I am set and ready to take action.

This is just my personal anchor and the one that works for me. But for so many people having a set thing you do every morning can be key to having a great day – even literally getting out of bed on the right side! Whether yours is allowing enough time to walk the distance of the last train stop, making that smoothie before you leave, waking up to your favourite song or doing a few sun salutations before you jump in the shower, respect your routine and ensure you dedicate enough time to making it happen. If it makes you feel good/strong/ready for the rest of the day, do it!

Fire off that anchor every morning and be the best you that you can be. Because you’re worth it….