Transforming Imposter Syndrome Masterclass: the pathway to unstoppable self-worth

How often do you find yourself listening to the voice inside your head that tells you you’re not good enough? That used to be me, every damn day!

Six years on and free from my old self-doubt, I now help my peers to transform their inner critic into something that serves them far better. I’m inviting you to a powerful masterclass so you can make this transformation for yourself, but first I’ll tell you a story.

Taking myself back to being a marketing manager a few years ago, I remember exactly what it was like. You sit in meetings surrounded by powerful people and barely contribute. You have amazing ideas but somehow just don’t feel confident enough that they’d be valuable. So what happens? You don’t share them. If you’re like I was, you spend more time up in your own head worrying you are going to get caught out as not being good enough than actually being present.

For me, the most annoying thing was when I had a great idea but didn’t back myself enough to put them forward. And then others would suggest that same thing and get all the praise!

You leave the office every Friday thinking, “phew I dodged being caught out this week”. Every Sunday you then have the dread that “this will be the week everyone realises I’m a massive fraud”. Feeling this way often results in you working your butt off and becoming a perfectionist. You feel like you can’t let them see a mistake in case that is the thing that opens their eyes to the fact you’re ‘winging it’.

Even though you have stacks of evidence that you’re well qualified and technically successful, you just don’t feel it. No number of wins seems to shut up that voice inside your head that says “don’t put yourself out there as you’ll only be knocked back”.

I found this constant cycle of negative thoughts and feelings exhausting. But that was then, and now my story is very different.

Yes? Then welcome to the Imposter Crew! You’re in good company as there’s loads of mega successful people in the club who doubt their worth. Firstly, please know that feeling this way has nothing to do with you actually not being good enough and everything to do with that inner critic in your head that’s trying to serve you well but is going about it the wrong way!

I help young professionals to transform Imposter Syndrome into unstoppable self-worth, and I do this through a powerful combination of mindset coaching and cognitive hypnotherapy. I’d like to welcome you to join my January coaching masterclass so we can make this happen for you.

Date: 28th January 2020

Time: 19:00 – 20:30pm GMT

Location: You travel enough commuting to and from your job around long hours, so it’s run online enabling you to join from home.

It’s a 90-minute interactive masterclass packed with powerful content, so even the busiest professionals like you can guilt-free prioritise that amount of time to make a massive difference to your mindset.

  • Did you know that anxiety and fear thrive on being inner experiences? That’s why it’s so important to get these feelings out of your head so you can understand their intention and do something to change them. I’ll guide you through exercises to help you do this in a fun and impactful way.
  • I’ll share with you the magic ratio of positive to negative thoughts to help you improve your relationship with yourself and boost your sense of self-worth.
  • You’ll get to replace that annoying negative voice in your head that tells you you’re not good enough with a pocket cheerleader who will remind you of your worth whenever you need it.
  • I’ll share with you some of the most powerful techniques from Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), including how to change the properties of any thoughts and feelings so they fuel you throughout the day. This means you’ll no longer have to waste any time in those work meetings lost in a negative thought loop!
  • We’ll explore the power of embodiment. By applying both the mindset tools and embodiment you will be able to boost your presence and enjoyment in your work and life.

Two extra gifts!

After the workshop, you’ll also get two gifts.

  • A guided-trance track (a bit like a really powerful meditation). This will be your secret weapon to make the changes you create in the masterclass even more permanent.
  • Access to the Unstoppable Self-worth Facebook group. This is an exclusive community of people who have been to my events or invested in my 1:1 programmes, so you can continue to support each other and celebrate your successes.

I’m not some old therapist with a stern face and a wispy beard! I’m a young professional, just like you, and I ensure my masterclasses are creative so you enjoy the process. I’m also a highly trained Cognitive Hypnotherapist so you can be assured that the content is grounded in an evidence-based model of therapy. Throughout my career in marketing, from co-ordinator to ‘Head of’ level, I used to have raging Imposter Syndrome, so I’ll be able to share my relatable journey with you and you can guarantee you’ll get non-judgemental guidance along the way.

Is now your time to go from feeling like a fraud to having unstoppable self-worth? Then book one of only 8 places on my January masterclass.

The 90-minute masterclass, guided-trance track and 6-months access to the Unstoppable Self-worth Facebook group is a one-off payment of just £120.

I can’t wait to help you make this transformation.

If you’ve got a question about the Transforming Imposter Syndrome coaching masterclass I’d be very happy to answer it. Send me an email and I’ll be in touch asap.

Feedback from past Imposter Syndrome workshops:

“The session was an eye opener. Gemma was very open to sharing her own experiences and had an interesting and thought-provoking slant on managing imposter syndrome. She used a mix of approaches, some of which allowed us to share our thoughts as a group and others which were more personal, allowing us to tailor our responses to our own personal experience.” Sophie, AQR Spark

“It was very empowering to learn that how I feel is my own choice and I can choose to fulfil my potential or fear it! I would definitely recommend this session. 10/10” Jocelyn, consultant

“Thanks to this workshop I feel more in tune with myself, calmer and more aware. I enjoyed being with people who were also engaged in learning about themselves.” Ro, yoga instructor

“A very interactive and engaging session that left me feeling energised, in control and confident.” Blanka, events