What a difference a sunny weekend can make! It suddenly seems appropriate to drink prosecco and eat ice cream in the early hours of the afternoon. There’s a glorious waft of BBQs around every corner and every open space is filled with people soaking up the first rays of the year. Everyone seems so much happier when the sun is shining. And it’s the perfect time for a bit of reflection.

When the sun is out we allow ourselves to stop. If we take an hour on a weekend to just sit on the sofa, we feel like we’ve wasted time and are behaving like a slob. But, take yourself out into the garden or local park and no-one would ever think you lazy for spending some quality time sitting on the grass enjoying the weather. Maybe it’s because we never know how long the warm weather will last so we think we must make the most of it! Whatever it is that makes it more ‘acceptable’ to stop when the sun comes out, I’m all for it.

As a young professional with a growing therapy practice, I often feel the pressure to keep on going, and going. It feels so indulgent to spend time that could be spent serving others to stop and just be present with my thoughts. But today I realised the value of just being still for a bit. I had time to process my thoughts and sense check what was making me happy and what was making me frustrated. I was able to be grateful for all the wonderful things going on in my life but also pick myself up on areas I have recently neglected (my blog included!). I had enough distance from my laptop that when I returned to it this evening my fingers seemed to know exactly what they needed to do to rework my website, something I’d tried to do for hours on Friday and hit numerous metaphorical walls.

I’m sure the BBQ, fresh air and vitamin D did me the world of good, but I know the difference that made the difference today was just giving myself permission to have a break. I’m not suggesting you rely on the British weather for a sign that you need a break, because let’s face it you could be waiting months to stop again! But, I do suggest that you take advantage of the increasingly improving weather and the freedom this gives you to head outside, sit somewhere lovely and have some mindful moments to yourself. Whether it’s an actual lunchbreak where you tear yourself away from your desk, an early evening in the golden hour, or a slice of the bank holiday weekend reserved for you, give yourself the gift of some time with yourself and the great outdoors.

You can’t pour from an empty cup, so recharge when you can. You’ll feel so much better for it.

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