fulfilment-fiveMany of us have a lot to be grateful for. A secure job, people who care about us, somewhere to call home at the end of each day. When others don’t have so much, we can feel guilty for wanting more. But if it’s possible for us to live even more fulfilled lives, why wouldn’t we? If we’re only going to be on this crazy planet once, why would we not strive to make the most of it? What is the point in settling for existing, when we could be living?

I’ve been there. On paper my life was great and I was grateful for my lot. But there was just something inside me that wasn’t satisfied. I went to bed each night disappointed with what I’d achieved and woke up already dissatisfied with how my day was going to turn out. I let everything external to me decide the kind of day I was going to have and was then surprised it hadn’t turned out better. I knew, if I wasn’t careful, the fire in my belly that I called drive was going to go out for good.

Fast forward a few years and I can truly say I am fulfilled. I forgave myself for being dissatisfied and took action to make more of my existence. The fire in my belly now burns like a bonfire! So I apply the same model to my coaching work and nothing makes me happier than seeing that spark in my clients’ eyes as they start to create the life they want to live.

Each individual I work with is unique, including their goals and the barriers currently stopping them, but I often find the steps to fulfilment follow a similar path.

Allow me to introduce you to The Fulfilment Five.

  1. Accept responsibility – know that you are the only person who can give you fulfilment
  2. Identify goals – understand what, specifically, you want
  3. Remove barriers – eliminate or reframe what used to hold you back
  4. Feed strengths – fuel the things that make your heart sing
  5. Create habits – become the person you want to be, in small steps, every day

If you’d like to discuss how this formula could work for you, or to kick start your online coaching programme, I’d be delighted to hear from you.

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