It fills me with joy when clients and workshop attendees contact me about the impact our work together has had on their lives. Here are a few recent testimonials.

Hypnotherapy and coaching clients

“I contacted Gemma at a point in my life where I felt very torn. I’d just gone back to work following the birth of my second child and couldn’t find the passion that I previously had for my career. I loved my job but I didn’t feel as though I was quite ‘hitting the mark’ anymore and I couldn’t find an equilibrium between my work and home life. I’d written a list of 20+ things that I wanted to achieve within the year and had no idea of how I was going to do that. I wasn’t achieving what I thought I should’ve been and more importantly the things that I knew I was more than capable of doing. I worked with Gemma over a relatively short period (4 session programme) but managed to achieve a lot more than I thought would be possible.

Gemma created an environment and used tools and techniques which allowed us to explore and resolve some underlying issues. Gemma gave me a short reading list which was both thought provoking and also provided me with some really practical ‘life tools’ which I continue to use on an almost daily basis. Gemma instinctively knew how to get the best out of our sessions and I always felt very comfortable and we had some significant breakthrough moments which fired me up.

By the end of the sessions, I had a list of less than 5 things that I actually wanted to achieve to make me truly happy.

One year on, I am in a very different place and that is thanks to the work that I did with Gemma. I have an excellent work life balance, I’m much more appreciative and recognisant of what I have and I am perfectly happy with the person I am.”

– J, Hertfordshire

“I first started seeing Gemma on an adhoc basis in the lead up to my wedding. I had suffered from an overactive bladder for years which was being made worse by anxiety and was unresponsive to any medicines I had tried. The cognitive hypnotherapy sessions with Gemma changed my life. Not only was I able to enjoy my wedding without the fear of needing the loo, I have also since been better equipped to deal with anxiety and feelings of panic ever since.

More recently I have been back to see Gemma again for coaching sessions since starting a new job. I wasn’t even sure what was getting to me but Gemma was able to unlock my mental blockers and help me to process feelings of being a fraud and lacking confidence. After each session I walked out a little taller and I now feel ready to take on anything that my new role throws at me. Thank you Gemma! My saviour and life coach!”

– J, London


‘Overcoming Comparanoia’ workshop attendees

“As a sufferer of anxiety, I can sometimes slip into the feeling of despair, panic and self-loathing. We can sometimes feel like we can’t tell anyone and we suffer in silence. This is so not the case. I’ve learnt to be open with my anxiety and try anything that could possibly help. I have a handle on my anxiety, to a point, but, I can lack confidence, which is surprising to many who know me.

Gemma has taught me simple techniques to bring my confidence back when I feel it’s lacking. In just a few minutes I feel like I can take on anything life throws at me. I felt very positive about Gemma’s instructions and I will use them whenever I feel like I need them. Thank you, Gemma.”

– Sean Byrne (@byrnephotography).

“Your session was incredibly insightful and helpful to me. I genuinely feel like I will recognise comparanoia now and be able to deal with it in a better way. I feel like I’ll be more confident when going into meetings and I will practise stepping into my Circle of Confidence. Thank you!”

– Ellie Quinn (@thewanderingquinn,


‘You are not a fraud!’ workshop attendees

“A very interactive and engaging session that left me feeling energised, in control and confident. 10/10”

– Blanka, events in London

“Thanks to this workshop I feel more in tune with myself, calmer and more aware. I enjoyed being surrounded by people who were also engaged in learning about themselves. 10/10”

– Ro, media in London

“It was very empowering to learn that how I feel is my own choice and I can choose to fulfil my potential or fear it! I would definitely recommend this session. 10/10”

– Jocelyn, consultancy in London