Testimonials and feedback

Nothing makes me happier than receiving feedback from people I’ve worked with about how my programmes and workshops have helped them. Here is a selection of feedback I’ve received to help you see what could be possible for you.

“The cognitive hypnotherapy sessions with Gemma changed my life. Gemma was able to unlock my mental blockers and help me to process feelings of being a fraud and lacking confidence. After each session I walked out a little taller and I now feel ready to take on anything that my new role throws at me. Thank you Gemma! My saviour!”

J, London

“Thank you so much, I really enjoyed our sessions and I am loving the recording. I’ve started back doing PT sessions, going to the gym, stopped smoking for a week. Changes I have wanted for a long time. Thank you.”

B, Cardiff

“Gemma has taught me simple techniques to bring my confidence back when I feel it’s lacking. In just a few minutes I feel like I can take on anything life throws at me. I felt very positive about Gemma’s instructions and I will use them whenever I feel like I need them. Thank you, Gemma.”

S, Antigua

“I contacted Gemma at a point in my life where I felt very torn. I wasn’t achieving what I thought I should’ve been and more importantly the things that I knew I was more than capable of doing. I worked with Gemma over a relatively short period (4 session programme) but managed to achieve a lot more than I thought would be possible. Gemma created an environment and used tools and techniques which allowed us to explore and resolve some underlying issues. Gemma instinctively knew how to get the best out of our sessions and I always felt very comfortable and we had some significant breakthrough moments which fired me up.

One year on, I am in a very different place and that is thanks to the work that I did with Gemma. I have an excellent work life balance, I’m much more appreciative and recognisant of what I have and I am perfectly happy with the person I am.”

J, Hertfordshire

“Your session was incredibly insightful and helpful to me. I genuinely feel like I will recognise ‘comparanoia’ now and be able to deal with it in a better way. I feel like I’ll be more confident when going into meetings and I will practise stepping into my Circle of Confidence. Thank you!”

E, London

“It was absolutely amazing!!! So inspiring and very motivating! Have stepped into my confidence circle a few times now and noticed a difference! Thanks Gemma.”

S-S, Antigua

“The Spark was an eye opener. Gemma was very open to sharing her own experiences and had an interesting and thought-provoking slant on managing Imposter Syndrome. It was a really great session, giving us practical and useful techniques we could implement in our working lives.”


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