If you’re anything like me, you’ll have a few less pounds in the bank and a few more on your belly than you did at the start of December. You’ll be craving your chocolate fix by 10am but cannot bear to see a mince pie again for at least another 10 months. You’ll wish you could click your fingers and have all the Christmas decorations packed away, and you’ll be confused at how you can still feel tired, even after so much time off work.

It’s a cold, gloomy and typically moist (sorry, damp, for those with a strange hatred for the ‘m’ word) month, and the next bank holiday is so far away it’s not even a dot on the horizon. So, what next? You could make a list of grand New Year’s resolutions, which according to Dr Richard Wiseman and his research team you’re only 12% likely to achieve. You could channel your inner Eeyore and mope around for the next 27 days. You could ban yourself from drinking anything containing a percentage…. ooooor instead of Dry Jan, you could try My Jan!

And I don’t actually mean mine, I mean yours. A whole month dedicated to what makes your heart happy. What might that look like? 

We spend so much of December, particularly over Christmas, giving time, energy and money to others. But you cannot pour from an empty cup and you can’t be there for everyone else unless you look after you first.

 virtual coSo, what would you do with your My January? If on 1st February you were to look back on the month that has been, what would you be most happy to have done with your time? For me, it’s dancing more. When I was a child I went to dance classes about three times a week. As a uni student I ‘danced’ on about five nights out of seven. Now, I dance occasionally in the shower, sometimes when I cook, never with lycra on in a room full of others. And why not? How did something so integral to my weeks just disappear out of my life? Well the honest answer is, because I let it.

So, I am speedily typing this blog because in 20 minutes I am heading to FRAME for a dance class, and I cannot very well wait. I’m hoping it’s good because, as part of My January, I have signed up to a set of four! Before the month is up I am also going to finish the three books I started in November and didn’t finish. I’m going to walk outside more and take photographs of things that make me smile. Oh, and I’m going to book more live music events, so that even if I can’t go this month I’ve got some dangling carrots to see me through the rest of winter and into the joyous months of Spring.

But enough about me. What does your My January look like? Instead of punishing yourself with no alcohol, drastic and unsustainable diets or monotonous minutes on the treadmill, why not fill your January with hot dates with yourself, doing what you love, where you love to be. Trust me, you’re worth it.

Off to locate my leg warmers. Until next time!

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