“How to tame your inner critic” workshop – recap for JCI London members and guests

Hi again!

It was so lovely to meet you and to share the evening with you in Hammersmith on 7th September 2022.

Thank you for being so open-minded and for giving so much of yourself to the group. Your contributions really added to the session for everyone.

It was a joy to facilitate your workshop and I hope you have taken away lots of valuable insights that will help you to use your mind as your greatest mentor going forward.

I’ve created this page to help remind you of a few key points. If you have any questions on the below or what we explored together in the workshop, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Working with me 1:1

Some of you shared an interest in working with me 1:1 so here are a few details.

  • I am a Cognitive Hypnotherapist and Coach and I specialise in helping hard-working professionals to discover their authentic confidence, release their stress and transform their anxiety.
  • I offer single Confidence Breakthrough Sessions as well as my high-impact 1:1 Authentic Confidence Programme.
  • I run sessions online as well as from my therapy room in Hertfordshire, so wherever you are we can do transformative work together.

Browse my site for details of my therapy and coaching approach and get in touch for a free chat to ask any questions you have.

Imposter syndrome truths

  • The critic comes from our unconscious mind which runs 90% of our thoughts, feelings and behaviours. It is not interested in helping us thrive, it just wants us to keep us safe and away from things like failure, disappointment and rejection.
  • Back when our ancestors lived in tribes, being an accepted member of the community was essential for survival. The fears we have around being judged or not being good enough are based on a system developed to keep us safe and alive.
  • This means there’s a positive intention behind the critic, but it’s going about it in a way that isn’t all that helpful or necessary in the current day.
  • There’s no magic way to stop negative thoughts. We need this function to keep us safe from genuine threats. But thoughts aren’t the issue, it’s our relationship with them that counts.
  • Resisting feelings and suppressing thoughts takes more energy than accepting that they come but not giving meaning to them. Choose your thoughts like sushi!
  • A small feeling of being an imposter is completely normal. It’s when it mushrooms into anxiety that it can be a problem for your mental health and for your performance. If your self-doubt is impacting your wellbeing, consider reaching out for a 1:1 chat.

 A reminder of the techniques

  • Imposter feelings thrive on being an inner experience. By drawing and naming your critic you got it out of your head and can now notice it when it arrives.
  • Knowing that it’s trying to help you, you can instead choose to tune into your positive voice.
  • Remember the magic ratio of 5 positive thoughts for every negative one. We want to insulate the positive ones to make them easier to come to mind, so repeat them often.
  • Strengthen your anchor by squeezing it whenever you feel good or things have gone well, and then use it when you could do with accessing those positive feelings again.
  • Use your nervous system hacks when you want to override a stress response: avoid contractive posture, use 7:11 breathing, build up saliva by running your tongue across your top front teeth (5 times in each direction) and substitute the meaning of nerves for excitement.

Keep in touch!

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I hope we’ll get to meet at another JCI London event soon. Keep dedicating time and energy to your mental wellbeing and using all the tips and tools you gained in the workshop. They’ll serve you more each time you use them. Very best wishes, Gemma x