The Confident Leader’s Launchpad

Anxious and overwhelmed leader, does this sound like you?

Do you feel overwhelmed by responsibility and anxious about proving your worth?

Are you tired of your critical inner voice making you doubt your ability as a leader?

Is your lack of confidence holding you back from showing your true value?

Then it’s time to fire the inner imposter and hire career confidence!

Introducing The Confident Leader’s Launchpad


A cutting-edge 12-week 1:1 confidence coaching programme for anxious and overwhelmed leaders who want:


Become free of the limiting beliefs that have been blocking authentic confidence


Develop the knowledge and tools needed to free the mind from overwhelm and channel it into a powerful mentor


Connect with self worth and become an impactful leader who feels worthy of success

The Confident Leader’s Launchpad is a bespoke online coaching programme to take you from lacking in confidence and burdened with doubt to a level-headed leader who knows their worth, creates impact and feels good about their success.

Authentic confidence is a magnet for opportunities. Let’s make this possible for you so that you feel empowered to take control of your career and feel great about the impact you’re making.

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This brand-new 1:1 programme will be launching in early 2023. If you’re reading this, you’re invited to book a free 30-minute discovery call to take place in January, to discuss the transformation this programme could make possible for you.

Book a call before the programme officially launches to unlock amazing early-bird bonuses if you book on to the programme, including:

  • a special early-bird saving (it’s £200 off the full programme price!)
  • a bonus 60 minute 1:1 “Quieten the Critic” coaching session (worth over £200)

Only available for Launchpad Leaders who take action in December! Complete the form below to request your free discovery call and let’s see what authentic confidence can create for you. 

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This free call is a chance for you to discover more about the programme and to ask any questions. There is no obligation to book onto the programme afterwards, it’s a chance for us to work out if we’re a good match to help you achieve your confidence goals.

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