I don’t think any of us expected to be living in the reality we find ourselves in now. It’s an unfamiliar and uncertain time and I know for many people the combination of the health situation, being inside more with our own thoughts and not being able to be with loved ones is a cocktail for negative emotions.

In times of uncertainty, worries and fears can feel like they’re really strong and close, almost like they’re pressing down on us. If you’ve been feeling like that recently, please know this is completely normal. I’ve been feeling this way too and have been using self-hypnosis to help me shift my mind to a more positive place.

I have created a guided hypnosis track for you, which you can play free of charge from this page, below. It includes a metaphor for releasing negative feelings, absorbing positive ones and for creating a special protective layer around you that will help to keep your positive mindset going through the weeks ahead.

Health and safety notice: Guided trance recordings are not recommended for those with epilepsy, as in rare cases trance work can bring on seizures. Do not listen to this whilst driving or operating machinery. Thank you.

Press play to begin your guided hypnosis

You are welcome to share this page far and wide. We could all do with a little less negativity and a little more positivity right now!

Take care of you and stay well.

Gemma x