Frequently Asked Questions

Have a scroll through my five confidence thruths to get a feel for my approach. I hope my FAQs below will answer any questions you might have but do feel free to get in touch if I can answer any others for you.

The Five Confidence Truths

These are the core beliefs which I live and work by.

1. Confidence isn’t something we’re either born with or without

Confidence is a feeling and a state of mind that can be developed.

2. We all ‘do’ and ‘feel’ confidence differently

I help people develop their authentic confidence rather than impersonating someone else’s.

3. You can be confident in yourself and your abilities whilst still being true to you

 You don’t need to worry about that icky feeling of faking confidence or becoming too big for your boots when connecting with your true self-confidence.

4. We’re not born lacking in confidence

We pick up beliefs along the way from experiences we’ve had which result in us feeling like an unconfident person. Find the root of the belief and you can reframe, re-educate or reduce the impact to free you from the fear.

5. We have all been confident about something at some point in our lives...

… and that includes you! We can use past confidence, no matter how small, as the seed from which to grow your future confident self.

How can I work with you?

I work with clients 1:1 via my Authentic Confidence Programme. This includes:

  • Two months of cutting-edge therapy and coaching
  • Four 75-minute 1:1 sessions (in person or online)
  • A powerful guided hypnosis track to accelerate progress between/beyond sessions
  • Coaching emails throughout your programme

My aim is to help you step into confidence that feels right for you. It is exhausting and uncomfortable to fake confidence and it isn’t sustainable. There is an alternative to “faking it till you make it” and I’ll guide you through the journey so you can enjoy showing up as you, supercharged with your own self confidence.

How do I book a free intro call?

Book in for your free virtual coffee via the booking form on my contact page or get in touch by email to arrange a mutually convenient time for a chat.

How do I pay for the programme?

If we decide to work together, I will send you a link to my easy booking page where you can choose the dates for our sessions and make your payment up front to secure your place. If instalments are necessary to make it possible for you to make the commitment, let’s chat.

What is your approach?

My approach is rooted in Cognitive Hypnotherapy, a modern and evidence-based talking therapy which draws on recent discoveries from Evolutionary Psychology, Positive Psychology, Cognitive theory and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming).

It utilises the natural trance states we flow in and out of every day to help you make long-lasting change at an unconscious level.

It also incorporates coaching so you don’t feel at a loss when you leave behind old thought patterns, but instead feel clear and motivated about your new life without them.

Is there anyone this programme isn’t suitable for?

As a Cognitive Hypnotherapist, my work is covered by clear guidelines and ethics, and as a member of the QCHPA and CNHC there are certain people who I cannot work with. If you have ever been diagnosed with the following conditions, unfortunately I will not be able to work with you:

  • Epilepsy (the deep relaxation of hypnotherapy is contra-indicated)
  • Psychosis (Bi-Polar Disorder, Schizophrenia, Personality Disorder)

If you are already working with another therapist, I will also not be able to work with you as following two approaches at the same time can impact the efficacy of either/both approaches.

What is a trance and how is it used?

In Cognitive Hypnotherapy, we believe that trance states are a natural part of being human. If you have ever driven a route you are very familiar with, reached your destination and then weren’t able to recall any part of the journey, that is a trance state.

We go in and out of trances every day, especially when we are ‘doing’ our problem e.g. when fear about that upcoming presentation takes over. As trance states are part of the pattern of your problem, they too are a powerful part of the solution and can be used to give you back the control over your life.

Will I lose control during hypnotherapy?

No, you will always remain in control and would be able to break the trance at any time if you did not feel comfortable. As Cognitive Hypnotherapy utilises light and natural trance states you are likely to feel in a relaxed state, a bit like day dreaming. Though you may close your eyes you will not be asleep. The state of hypnosis is in fact one of heightened awareness where it is possible for your mind to be aware of many more things than in the conscious state.

How does it work having therapy and coaching online?

I used to assume it wasn’t possible for therapy and coaching to be as effective online as it is in person. But when I moved out of London and away from the hub of where many professionals work, I decided to give it a try and had to eat my words! Not only is it possible to build great rapport and work through the same powerful techniques as we would if together in person, but by working online it can make it even easier for busy professionals to make sessions happen without adding to the commute.

You will need good internet connection as we will meet via video call (typically Zoom), and a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed. I’ll send you some handy guidelines to working online, and otherwise sessions will run just as if we were together in person.

Is it time you stopped faking confidence and started feeling it?

Then my Authentic Confidence Programme is for you.