A tree stands tall in a forest, seemingly effortless to those around it. It thrives from being well nourished and gains goodness from looking up to the sun. Its roots provide a strong support network to ensure stability. It is not over crowded by others and has room to blossom. This tree is called Andy.

In another forest another tree stands, and though it is strong it does not stand tall for long. The forest is densely populated and the tree feels crowded. It is not well nourished and so does not have the room or the energy to look up to the sun and enjoy the beauty around it. It is troubled by many old branches that cling like problems, soaking up the last of its energy, and has no one to prune it. Its support network breaks down and eventually it falls to the ground. This tree is called Pat.

Both Andy and Pat had the potential to grow tall and blossom. But Pat is a tree and he could not choose his surroundings so he sadly did not reach his potential. As humans we build the forest around us. We have the choice to look up to the sun and grow. We can ensure we are well nourished and that we reach out for help if we have problem branches weighing us down. We can leave the field when we feel crowded.

 We can use the support network around us to keep us strong and to help us stay grounded.

But we so often choose not to do these things until it is too late. We are a generation of burnt out trees, who only look after ourselves once we have fallen. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Enjoy the beauty all around you, reach out for support, look after your body and be well nourished. Ask for help and shed those branches that are stopping you from reaching new heights. You can build your forest, but you only get to live in it once so choose wisely. Don’t be the tree that always looked strong until it fell down.

So, dig deep, stand tall, look up, take care of yourself, and soak up all the goodness that this world has to offer. You can thrive, just like Andy. If you need a little help with this, get in touch!