Confidence Unwrapped

6 weeks to unwrap your career confidence!

The cutting-edge online 1:1 coaching programme for self-doubters who want to break free from their comfort zone and unwrap their confident leader within.

What better present could you give yourself this Christmas than the freedom of authentic confidence at work and beyond?

Anxious and overwhelmed leader, does this sound like you?

Is your lack of confidence holding you back from showing your true value and making real impact?

Are you tired of your critical inner voice making you doubt your ability?

Do you feel overwhelmed by responsibility and anxious about proving your worth?

Perhaps this is why…

You may be feeling exhausted because you’re working in overdrive to avoid being seen as not worthy of your role.

Maybe you find that overwhelm impacts your ability to access your best thoughts and this only feeds the inner critic who makes you question your ability.

With all that going on, it’s no wonder you’re not taking up opportunities to be more visible, because you don’t feel confident that you can do yourself justice. And that’s so frustrating because you see your more confident peers getting all the recognition!

It’s the cycle I see leaders trapped in all the time, and it’s the one that almost led me to burnout back in 2014. Thankfully, there’s a way to break the cycle!

Stressed leader looking for confidence

"The single most powerful programme I have experienced personally or professionally in over 25 years of working in education." - Simon, Headteacher

Stressed leader looking for confidence

Instead of all that self-doubt, imagine this instead…

You finally have peace from that inner critic, relief from the mental burdens of overwhelm and freedom from those doubts.

You’ve gone from anxious and underconfident to being a level-headed leader who knows their worth, creates impact and feels good about their success.

Your authentic confidence attracts opportunities and you feel empowered to take control of your career.

You’re sought out for your thoughts and perspectives because you have a reputation for adding value to conversations. And you’re recognised and rewarded for being authentically you.

You present with such calm confidence that others feel more capable just by being around you. You own your strengths and your areas for development and believe in thriving together because your peers aren’t a threat. Your personal and professional relationships benefit from your deep-rooted sense of self worth and the calm this brings.

No more living for the weekend, positive intentional actions are possible each day. And satisfied with your work you can have peace of mind when you choose to switch off. A true work-life balance.

Confidence Unwrapped is a 6 week intensive programme to:

Free you of the limiting beliefs that have been blocking your ability to feel authentic confidence

Develop the knowledge and tools you need to free your mind from overwhelm and channel it into your greatest mentor

Connect you with your self worth so you can become an impactful leader who feels worthy of your success

Why trust me to unlock your confidence?

Because I’ve been where you are! 10 years ago, I was a young female leader in a male-dominated environment, in the position to influence marketing strategies at a global level. I could have felt on top of the world but instead I felt burdened by the weight of it.

I became overwhelmed by the pressure and turned to perfectionism to hide my fears of being caught out as not good enough. Desperate to be seen as worthy I took the advice of “fake it till you make it” and became an almost unrecognisable version of myself.

I over-delivered whenever possible and my personal relationships suffered. I was surviving in a cycle of stress, anxiety, imposter syndrome and self-doubt.

Until I found myself again through Cognitive Hypnotherapy. I now enjoy the freedom of true authentic confidence and am fuelled with an unstoppable desire to help my peers achieve the same.

After world-class training at The Quest Institute, in 2016 I launched as a QCH Coach and have been supporting amazing leaders through 1:1 programmes and high-impact workshops ever since.

Stressed leader looking for confidence

Let’s unwrap the programme!


6 weeks to do the inside job on your career confidence, unlock your level-headed leader and become the manager of your mindset.

Inside the programme:

6 weeks of evidence-based therapeutic coaching

You deserve lasting confidence which means working beyond the surface. This 360-approach resolves issues from the past, creates impact in the present and unlocks new opportunities for the future.

Weekly high-impact 1:1 online sessions

A bespoke programme crafted specifically for you to help you achieve your desired outcomes, with weekly 1:1 sessions where some of your greatest mindset shifts and breakthroughs will happen.

Bespoke confidence hypnosis recording

Your secret weapon to unconscious and sustainable change, a 10-minute hypnosis track that weaves together your language to minimise unconscious resistence and accelerate your confidence boost.

Powerful coaching insights to your inbox

Lazer-focused coaching emails to enable self-reflection,  spark positive actions and provide valuable insights written specifically for you, so you’ll feel constantly supported throughout.

"This is a programme that is thought provoking, challenging and will positively change the way you function each day." - Simon, Headteacher

What do previous clients say about their experience?

“Gemma is kind, compassionate, knowledgeable and always makes me feel totally comfortable. I always feel I can be honest because I trust her completely.
While in many ways the way I can engage with Gemma in our sessions is like having a conversation with a friend, she will effortlessly coach me in such a competent and professional way, steering the conversation such that I leave every session feeling that I have achieved something and am one step closer to my goal.
Gemma helps guide me to my own solutions. She provides me with the space to work through my thoughts in different ways to enable me to find the right solution.
I’ve worked with a number of coaches, both at work, and in my personal life, but Gemma is the one I keep going back to.”

Assistant HR Director

“The programme has had a hugely positive impact on my confidence. What I once saw as a challenge that I couldn’t handle is now something I see as an opportunity to grow and develop. I’m facing tasks such as public speaking and difficult conversations with a different mindset and attitude – and more importantly, as my authentic self. I’m so grateful to Gemma and highly recommend her – she is so considered, patient, knowledgeable, supportive and really went above and beyond to help me reach my goals. I’m so glad we worked together and extremely happy with the results!


I cannot say how much this programme has changed me as a person both in my professional and personal lives. The strategies I have developed have been so beneficial to how I approach things at work and in turn this has improved my personal relationships. I feel so much more confident in my ability to take on the challenges I am faced with at work and I no longer see things as a ‘personal attack’. I find myself adapting to different situations using the strategies I have learnt over the programme. I am forever grateful that I found Gemma at that particular time in my life.


Is Confidence Unwrapped right for you?

This is the right programme for you if…

You’re an anxious or stressed-out leader who feels a lack of confidence is impacting your career potential and overall wellbeing. Overwhelmed with responsibility, you feel pressure from above to perform to a high standard and pressure from below to be an inspiring manager.

You are overly critical of yourself and rarely take a moment to reflect on your achievements. You’re ambitious and skilled but also under supported and your self-doubt is putting your performance at risk. Perfectionist tendencies also leave you teetering on the edge of burnout.

If that feels like you then this programme has been designed for you.

The following also has to be true for us to work together:

  • You believe you have the potential to be a confident leader given the right therapeutic support (even if your inner critic currently tells you otherwise!)
  • You have the drive to take action and make changes to achieve the freedom of authentic confidence
  • You are prepared to be open-minded and to dedicate time to this transformation
  • You are ready to put down the burdens you’ve been carrying around as a result of your self doubt
  • You can see that something has to change if you want to feel differently
  • You don’t have a history of epilepsy or psychosis (as these are contraindications of the hypnotherapy techniques we are likely to draw on in the programme)

So, I have just one more question for you, are you ready to fire the inner critic and hire career confidence before the year ends?!

Flexible payment options

When you’re ready to book on to Confidence Unwrapped, you can choose the investment type that works best for you.

2 x monthly payments of £440


1 up-front payment of £800 (saving you £80)

Confidence Unwrapped begins on Wednesday 1st November, with our 1:1 sessions taking place on Wednesdays or Thursdays for six weeks. Will you take one of the few remaining spaces? Just imagine how different you could feel by Christmas!