Confidence Breakthrough Sessions

How can I help you?

If you’re looking to make a long-lasting transformation in your mindset where your doubts are set free and you can move forward with true authentic confidence, then my full Authentic Confidence Programme is for you.

If you’re not yet able to commit to the programme but there’s a big meeting or interview coming up that you really need a dose of confidence for, read on for details of my powerful Confidence Breakthrough Sessions.

  • Does the thought of that important meeting or interview fill you with dread?
  • Do you worry that nerves will get in the way of you showing what you’ve really got to offer?
  • Would you love to go in as a confident version of yourself so you can do yourself justice?

If a lack of confidence is making you doubt your ability to be successful in your interview or meeting, let’s work together in a special breakthrough session to help you feel equipped to show up and deliver with ease.


What’s it all about?

When you’re in that room (virtual or in-person) and about to let all those clever thoughts out of your mouth, there’s nothing more unhelpful than self-doubt. It clouds your mind, distracts you from being present and creeps into your words and body language. Because your body and mind are so busy trying to manage the perceived threat, it can’t focus on giving the performance of a lifetime.

But what if your mind could be your biggest cheerleader rather than your worst critic? What if you had strategies and techniques you could deploy to get you into the best frame of mind to be your best self? What if we could connect back to your past successes in a way that fuels you with genuine self-belief?

That’s what the Confidence Breakthrough Sessions are all about. 90 minutes of 1:1 therapy and coaching dedicated to giving you the best mindset you can have as you go into that room.

What’s involved in a Confidence Breakthrough Session?

Confidence Breakthrough Sessions can take place at my therapy room in Berkhamsted or fully online, so even the busiest professionals like you can make this happen. Here’s a summary:


15 min intro chat

A chance to ask each other questions and ensure we’re the right therapist and client team to create the changes you’re looking for.


"Getting to know you" questions

This questionnaire gives me the background information needed to design a powerful breakthrough session bespoke to you.

90 minute 1:1 session

Combines hypnotherapy to create unconscious change; coaching to help you feel true self confidence; and learnings to help you use your mind as your superpower.

Bonus hypnosis recording

You’ll receive a confidence hypnosis track to help you keep that positive mindset all the way up to your big moment and beyond.

What do past clients say?

“Gemma helped me when I was preparing for a promotion interview. I was really worried about being a nervous wreck and not being able to do myself justice. Gemma talked me through some personalised techniques that I was able to practice beforehand and then use on the day. This allowed me to go into my interview a confident version of myself, without my nerves negatively effecting my performance. I passed my promotion process and I can’t recommend Gemma highly enough.”

P, Hampshire

The Peer Coach Profile Picture

What makes this different?

I love the above client feedback because it perfectly explains that this process is not about you faking confidence or pretending to be someone you’re not. Rather it’s about freeing you of self-doubts and enabling you to enjoy being a confident version of you. Because that’s who people want to see – you! I love nothing more than helping people be themselves but supercharged with confidence.

If you’re looking for the ultimate interview prep or a real boost to your confidence at work, book in for your intro chat.

You don’t have to dread the meeting or just scrape by. Let’s equip you with what you need to really show them what you’ve got. Just imagine the feeling of going in calm and coming out truly knowing you did everything you could.

Let's make this happen

Confidence Breakthrough Sessions cost £199, including our intro chat, questionnaire, 90-minute 1:1 session and confidence hypnosis recording.

The sooner we chat the sooner we can breakthrough those confidence barriers and help you deliver with pride on the day.

Book your intro chat and let’s breakthrough your confidence barriers together.