You, with added confidence

Freeing you of self-doubt.

Empowering you to enjoy true self-confidence.

Tired of faking confidence?

 I get it, I was too. But faking it isn’t the only way!

 “Faking it till you make it” is uncomfortable, unsustainable and unnecessary. It’s time you discovered your authentic confidence. The truth is, confidence isn’t something we’re either born with or without. It is a feeling and a state of mind that can be developed, and you can do so without faking it or losing the essence of who you truly are. 

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A professional peer

I’m Gemma, The Peer Coach, and I provide cutting-edge therapy and coaching for professionals looking to grow in true self-confidence.

If you’re looking for a highly qualified therapist but also real talk from a peer who has worked her way up the corporate ladder and learned the pitfalls of faking it, I’m a good match for you.

I work with clients in my therapy room in Berkhamsted, as well as providing online therapy and coaching programmes to help you discover your authentic confidence from wherever you are. Find out more about me.

The Authentic Confidence Model

The Authentic Confidence Programme looks at your past, present and future to enable you to create sustainable change. 



Release those underlying fears from your past to free you of that burdening self-doubt.


Develop positive actions in the present to help you step into authentic confidence.



Create a new reality for your future where you feel empowered to enjoy being you.

FREE Confidence and Wellbeing Guide for Leaders!

I’ve created for you the guide I wish I’d had when I started out in leadership. It draws on various therapy, coaching and wellbeing approaches to provide leaders of any experience with a practical handbook to confidence and wellbeing.

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